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Kadala Kootu Curry/ Black Chickpeas Kootu Curry

 Kadala Kootu curry with Rice.

Kootu Curry was a favourite Sadya item. This dark, rich, roasted coconut dish had to be 'dry', i e, the chickpeas cooked but not mushy. This is the traditional, old school recipe. Erisseri and Kootu Curry are very similar. There are some essential difference's:

  • Cumin is not used in Kootu Curry.
  • Split Pigeon Peas/ tuvara parippu/ tuvar dal is also not used
  • Grated Coconut is roasted liberally in coconut oil.
  • Urad Dal/ Split Black Gram is also used in the tempering mix.
  • Dried Red Chillies are not used in tempering

This recipe was delayed until tonight; will update the post tomorrow. This was clicked in the light of the evening lamp.

I cup of black chickpeas, soaked for 6-8 hours.
*1 cup of Elephant Yams-fresh or frozen, cubed to the size of chickpeas [ in Malayalam, "samam-samam"] ;  or 1/2 cup of dried black chickpeas, soaked for 6-8 hours
1/4 cup of grated coconut
1- 1 1/2 cups of grated coconut or more
1 tsp of red chilli powder/according to taste
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 cube of Jaggery

For Tempering

1 tbsp of Mustard Seeds
1 - 1 1/2 tbsps of crushed Urad Dal / Split Black Gram seeds
1 stem of Curry Leaves
**2-3 tbsps Coconut Oil 

  1. Roast 1- 1 1.5 cups of grated coconut until reddish brown in colour and keep aside.
  2. Grind 1/4 Cup of grated coconut coarsely and keep aside.
  3. Cook the Black Chickpeas with salt and turmeric powder. 
  4. Cook the Elephant Yams with turmeric and just enough water.
  5. Drain excess water from the yams and the cooked chickpeas and mix together. 
  6. Add the red chilli powder, the ground coconut and cook until the moisture evaporates.
  7. Add 1 cube of  jaggery and  evaporate any excess water.
  8. Add the dry roasted coconut and mix gently.
  1. Heat the Coconut Oil to smoking point.
  2. Temper the mustard seeds, urad dal  and curry leaves.
  3. Pour over the Kootu Curry.
*   Yams will help in keeping this dish moist; chickpeas tend to become hard as they cool down. 
* *For feasts/ Sadya, Coconut Oil is generously used in the recipe. 

This goes to Susan's  My Legume Affair, 50th Edition


  1. Beautiful click, kadala curry looks delicious

  2. My gosh what a brilliant blog!!!! :) The pics are wonderful!

  3. looks so healthy & delicious...mouthwatering!

  4. This I am making tomorrow for lunch! I never knew that those small, essential changes differentiate the kootu and erriseri.

  5. Wow Shri, great click. This is my hubby's fav...truly irresistible

  6. Wow... Looks delicious and very tempting dear :)

  7. The konkani equivalent is the Channe Ghashi. With a few variations. And a little more gravy. This looks yummy.

  8. So cool! I was just asking my MIL to teach me kootu curry and she said it cannot be done without yams. Drat! I think i will still make this recipe with plaintain.

    Simply awesome!

    1. Preeti you get good quality frozen yams-cubed, from the Indian groceries.

  9. Thankyou!
    Radha I will keep in mind and look forward to the Konkani recipe too.
    Lata I hope it turns out well.

  10. Never get bored of this kadala curry.

  11. My fathers favorite... Love it

    Event: Dish name starts with O

  12. Love it..yumm curry.

  13. I'm trying to get my head around how this curry will feel - the only kadala curry I've had is with puttu and that's a gravy. It looks tasty. Really, I have to go and be shameless with my Malayali friends, I'll ask them for this next time they say lunch!

    1. It is 'dry' dish and the Yam becomes the binding factor in the curry. It keeps the curry'softer'/moist. The other traditional combinations for Kootu Curry are: yams and winter melon/ash gourd or Raw Plantains and Winter Melon, which will again keep the curry moist.
      It is an easy dish to freeze but black chickpeas tend to lose their softness. Kadala Kootu Curry tends to harden as it keeps.

  14. kadala and puttu is one of my fav dish. nice clicks and i liked your banana leaf plate too :-)

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  16. What an interesting recipe. I love currys and I have never tried black chickpeas before.
    Thanks for this!

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  18. Shri, i usually use home made garam masala.....Eastern also gives good flavor...

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    1. Thankyou Chitra! Wish you a promising and a very Happy New Year too!
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