Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Onam Mathoru...

Hope you had a wonderful Onam celebration with loved ones...

     Indian   Jaggery Cubes...                          

For  one of the most elegant Mathevar/ Mahadevar/Mathoru created by RamaT at my grandparents home. These un-fired, fresh, clay figures were always proportionate, sharp-edged and symmetrical. My grandfather and later, my Uncle took  care in marking the ritual design on them: sharp rice flour lines running down the sides of the obelisk. After the last day of celebrations, it would be left among the flowerbeds to melt into the earth with the elements. Like Mahabali...

Maybe a cousin will email pictures and the post could be updated. Meanwhile, this goes to Susan's Black and White Wednesdays, hosted this week by Anusha of Tomato Blues


  1. Happy onam to Shri and your family. I love your clicks. Hope you had a wonderful Onam sadya.

  2. Every tradition is unique and always blend with natures ways, isn't it?
    I am so looking forward for further update!

  3. I love jaggery and made the Pradhaman yesterday. It was yum.
    Happy Onam to you :-)

  4. Happy Onam. Like the composition of your pictures.

  5. Its in my try list. must be yummy with puttu :)

  6. Hi, I am Nimmy Raghu, author of the blog Nimmy's Kitchen and I hereby nominate your blog for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. For more details kindly refer to Liebster Blog Award at

    1. I Nimmy thankyou! Wish you a promising and successful year ahead.
      My apologies for the delay in publishing.
      I got busy with a couple of other things. Please allow me to 'respond' to the award in Jan/Feb.


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