Opening the Tiffin Carrier: Recipe Index

This is a work in progress. You can click onto the title above the pictures to access the recipes filed under it. If you want to go individually,  some of the recipes are in the list is below each caption.

Traditional South Malabar/ Valluvanadan Sadya:  "not wonly one but twendy-five to sixty diffarent dishes"!

Traditional Valluvanad Recipes

Breakfast Dishes
Stir Fry's/ Steam-Saute's ?  and Kootan's / Curries!

Pickles, Chutney's and Preserves


  1. wow...just came across ur blog and must say i thoroughly enjoyed the pics and the recipes posted by u...wonderul drop by my blog sometime...happi cooking!

  2. Nice to see a lovely authentic kerala recipes blog... I so very love you blog name... tiffin carrier... brings up some fond memories :)


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