Monday, August 23, 2010

Tradional Onam Delicacies: Palakkadan Matta Ari/ Kerala Matta Rice

Korikka/ Rice server
The old and new for Onam....
A humble  pink crepe myrtle flowerbed/pookalam with a single  sprig of Genovese basil as garnish...
Food was served on a melamine banana leaf and the weekend allowed an Uthradom Sadya.

1 Cup of Palakkadan Matta Rice
3-4 Cups of water

Wash and rinse the rice in 2-3 changes of water until the water runs clear
Bring water to a boil and put the washed rice in
Bring to a boil and cook for 30-40 minutes
 at this stage check a  rice grain which should give into pressure  and become soft
Switch off the stove
Drain, leaving some liquid in the pot
Cover and leave on the stovetop.


  1. very intresting rice.. luks delicious and beautifully clicked

  2. Beautiful dish,well clicked..

  3. nice to see the's the same rice we used to get from our paddy field, but not in palakad..missing old days....

  4. Thanks; yes we used to get the same from our fields in Pkd.
    This was from the local Indian grocery; they have Palakkadan Matta rice.

  5. Love this...Guess you had a wonderful Onam

  6. Thankyou Gulmohar we did. Hope you had a wonderful Onam celebration too

  7. Un plat qui semble délicieux.
    J'aime beaucoup.
    See soon.

  8. Adipoli onam. I think you and your family enjoyed the sadya.

  9. Dear ?, That looks delicious..
    This is regarding the eggplant. i have seen them in the markets, but haven't enquired details about these. I might talk to my vendor this weekend and ail you...Send you a comment thread soon, I hope.

  10. Thankyou Lata; let me send you the link. Thankyou!

  11. What an interesting rice. It looks healthy and delicious!

  12. Xiaolu, thankyou!
    Matta Rice is a parboiled, rose-coloured rice grown in the Palakkad district in Kerala [it is also grown in other districts. It is high in fiber content and is still the widely used daily rice in our villages.


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