Monday, August 23, 2010

Traditional Onam Delicacies: Sadya Vibhavangal

Onam Sadya Vibhavangal

Kaalan,    Olan
Avial,       Erisseri

Parippu Prathaman, Varutha Upperi and Sharkkkara Upperi

 From Left of the leaf: Varutha Upperi/ Kaaya Upperi. Sharkkara Upperi,
Relishes: Manga Kari, Mulaga Pacchadi,
Cheru-pazham/small banana, Pappadum/fried lentil wafer,
The curries: Kaalan, Olan, Avial, Erisseri, and Varutharacha Sambhar served over Matta-Ari/ Matta Rice
Condiments: Nei/Ney, Uppu, Parippu
Sweet in bowl: Parippu Prathaman.


  1. Wow what a spread!!. My friend and i went to a restaurant to treat ourselves with onam sadhya special and it was an experience. Truly enjoyed it and we ate to our gills. I like the melamine banana leaf platter.

  2. Happy Onam girl!! The picture of the rice looks simply stunning. Makes such a simple thing look so exotic! :)

  3. Thank you Manju! Hope you had a wonderful Onam too!

  4. What a lovely spread and so beautifully captured.
    Great work dear.

  5. Belated Onam wishes to you and your family. Drooling at the gorgeous and inviting Sadhya.

  6. NS, Pari and Radhika, Thankyou!

  7. The melamine leaf plate is cool. When everyone traveled across cities to get a leaf you simply had to wipe and lay down the melamine and bingo! Every thing looks superb.

  8. Thanks Sunitha, the other option was folded, frozen banana leaves from the local Vietnamese Grocery...


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