Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Juicy Mangoes: Sweet and Spicy Stewed Mangoes

Sweet juicy mangoes, picked up  and put on the dividing wall between neighbours
Some of them falling on the stone-paved part of the yard, gathering the imprint of rough granite.

Mangoes from our trees, abundant this year and still available! The trees grew from mango-stones/seeds , available during the season, exactly thirteen years ago. They went into all corners and sides of  a plot that stood barren of any trees save for a straggly Lychee/ Sitaphal tree in the back. Banaganapalli's,  Hyderali's and perhaps some of those sweet, juicy, mangoes carted during a trip back from Kerala. During the peak season of fruits, the trees attract, huge, light-grey monkey's from across the road  and the forested environs of an industrial unit, now defunct and tied up in legislation. 

The road: an old highway which had a string of century [ or more] old trees lining both its sides, academic institutions with ample breathing space between them, pre-historic rock formations, empty  lands, beautiful glimpses of lakes and small water-bodies, perhaps a cluster of 'colonies' baking in the sun with no green cover. This stagnant unit,  is one of the few, perhaps the only one surviving in this stretch, with peeling, yellowed PWD buildings, barely visible through beautiful old, Neem  and Banyan trees. 
Early morning scene: Villagers, walking and cycling along its fences, straight to the break in between,  with water 'lota's',  now with old/recycled water bottles.

So here is the recipe for the traditional Kerala sweet and spicy Manga Kari/ Mango Curry. This was my version; the mangoes were semi-ripe, not the correct variety and it had additional spices. This was made in the traditional soap-stone vessel, Ma carted over from Kerala. 
Mangoes: 4 ripe, sweet, small mangoes
Turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp
Chilli powder: 1/2 tsp [according to taste]
Curry Leaves: 1 stem
Indian Jaggery: according to preference and the sweetness of the mango. 2-3 small cubes of Indian jaggery used here.
Water: to cover the mangoes and paste.
Peel the mangoes and squeeze out the pulp.
Cover the mangoes and pulp with just enough water.
Add turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt
Bring to boil and let it simmer for 20 minutes or so
Add jaggery cubes
Add freshly torn curry leaves,
Simmer for a 5-8 minutes until the jaggery melts.


  1. Dear Q
    How are you? Thats an awesome write up, as usual. I enjoyed reading it.
    I like this recipe. It reminds me of childhood days. There are no taker for sour ripe mango in villages. My Mom used to make it regularly. In bong version a Mustard and dry red chili seasoning is also given, but no Curry patta.
    (And you dont get sour ripe ones in cities because no one will buy, so havent eaten for ages)
    Have a nice week

  2. Thankyou Ushnishda! I love these 'sour' ripe mangoes that turn sweet when ripe. Each tree bears fruit with slight variations. Hope we get to see the Bong version in a future post.

  3. Nostalgic post, Love this ripe mangoes, miss them lot here. Curry with them is absolutely delectable.

  4. Woww mangoes,anything with mango goes directly to my fav list..yummy and mouthwatering mango curry..

  5. Absolutely superb looking recipe and pics :)

  6. Oh, how I wish I had a mango tree! This sounds amazing :D

  7. Slurppp..Looks tempting & mouth watering.

  8. a favourite way to have mangoes this looks wonderful

  9. i just love having mangoes in summer, in any form....this looks so wonderful....:)

  10. Totally loved your profile.. pic.. so popped in to say 'hello'..

    Your blog is lovely!!

  11. wowww... snaps are awesome.. fst time here? wr in kerala? im from Thrissur.

  12. This seems similar to manga kootan- what the palakkad iyers make.Lovely pics!


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