Friday, July 22, 2011


...For the Soul

And for the Gods...

Prayer Flags against the monsoon clouds at Bouda

The monsoon vacation in the sub-continent has proved to be very hectic and this post is in lieu of my blog posts on food. My favourite posts on the monsoon in Kerala is still pending.
Updating, accessing favourite blogs will have to wait until one is back to the mundane routine.
Until then, I leave you with the benign Eyes.


  1. Dear Q
    I love that 2 cute eyes at Pashupatinath..Someday I am going to go there physically..just waiting for His call.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Dear Ushnishda,
    Have not reached Pashupathinath yet!:-)
    These are from the Bouda Stupa.

  3. The pics are awesome. Long time since you posted anything here.

  4. Thanks Chitra!
    Am left dangling before the multitude of opportunities for my blog on one side and my work/passion on the other....
    Maybe the end of August will allow me to work on my blog.

  5. Dear Q
    That was a mistake on my part on the 2 eyes!! Ha ha

  6. For a long time, I had mixed up the eyes too!:-D!
    It was interesting to see that they were scrapping off the monsoon moss on the dome and had reached only halfway through!

  7. Gorgeous pic's i'm waiting to reach India and get to roots of India and capture all the ancient creation!

  8. Thanks Toreviewtoronto and Ananda.
    This is from Nepal.


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