Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breakfast at Kathmandu...

Evening Aarati for the River Bagmati at Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu

And for the body too! The routine goes thus...
  • A Cup of tea, followed by Dal, Rice and Tarkari= Lentils, Rice and Vegetables with a pickle or a simple salad
  • Tea with milk and a Millet Roti around 3-4
  • Dinner: rotis with dal, curd, vegetables, pickle and salad.
Waking to the sounds of the radio or TV news, a sharp and furious stretch of handheld bells to awaken the Gods, Shiva mantras by the old gentleman next door, sounds of cooking, a loud moaning  like a dog in pain turned out to be a mixer, sounds of vigorous exercise and yoga, a scolding from a spouse or a mother to the child, sweeping. The particular memories of different fragrances and smells, from a many years ago....wafts of mustard oil stirring up the  hearty dishes to sustain the day.
Potatoes and Spinach, tomato pickle with black salt.
Fried paneer and capsicum in a thin gravy
with vegetable greens
Potato and Sesame Seeds Pickle with sharp green chillies.
Indian Long Beans with potatoes and a special dal with dried vegetables: thin, soupy variety with soy beans and potatoes
Millet roti with a touch of ghee and a delicious tomato chutney.
Another dish of Punpkin leaves, tender stems and potatoes.
Served with another  vegetable dish of a gourd with potatoes and a tadka of mustard seeds=delicious.
A thin, soupy moong dal: light and delicious and a simple tomato pickle.

This breakfast, for folks who are more used to rice as lunch/ in the afternoon and a lazy pace afterwards will take some adjusting! :-)
With the present routine, a small stash of 'Glucose biscuts' during the afternoon hours carries you over until the tea-time.


  1. Haven't tried millet rotis. Are they soft?

  2. This made me go flashback!! I have lived in Kathmandu for 3 years & these pics brought back all the memories!! ;)

  3. The Millet rotis are not spongy soft but slightly chewy and delicious, when served hot. It is dish that takes time to digest and I believe a staple of the hardworking hill people.

    Thanks Loveandcalories.

  4. wow, the whole experience with food sounds amazing.

  5. Have to visit Nepal some time,thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks Priya and Pushpa!

  7. Well, I went there a loooooong time back and dont remember a thing, except for the fact that I saw a lot of mist!!!! Enjoy! The temple looks heavenly!


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