Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thanks and Greetings

Vazha Khumbu/ Vazhapoo
A beginning in the new year, with many favourites and flavours which only one's mother can create!
 Black and White Wednesdays 
For Susan, The Well Seasoned Cook .
 Cinzia of Cindystar  is managing the event and  Black and White Wednesdays # 70  is hosted this week at 
Alex of Food4Thought .

Travel on new year's eve...
Hope it has been a very happy and promising start to the New Year!
It has been a series of trips and travel  in a sense without time for one's mind to catch up with  the physical presence. My mind seems to be lingering in spaces and places where people came in  with warmth, humour and interesting perspectives.

The blog has been dormant since September 2012; my efforts channeled towards another passion and a reluctance to post for the sake of posting and blogging. So many drafts have accumulated  with many  interesting incidents and culinary wanderings. It took another month since the new year but...
First things first!
 A quick and long overdue 'thank you' to Brigette Warner who blogs at 
 Its None Of Your Fitnessthrough Lindsay's Lean Green Bean Foodie Penpal  ; who sent among other things,  a delicious Almond-Chocolate bar, a lovely granola mix, sweet sticks of maple syrup, a tomato dip mix  and our favourite, organic honey candies. 
Another thanks to the lovely Susan, The Well Seasoned Cook a favourite  through her Black and White Wednesdays  and My Legume Love Affair.  Tiffin Carrier Antic'/que's  has a first, for this post, submitted for the 50th edition of My Legume Affair hosted at The Well Seasoned Cook. It was selected as the winner of the giveaway for MLLA-50th Edition.  I received a box of Hurst Beans selections and a lovely gift card from Susan.


  1. Welcome back and I will look forward to those posts. Many congratulations on winning the giveaway.

    1. Thank you Lata!Am still catching up on many blog posts!

  2. Good to see you back! Look forward to your posts.

  3. Beautiful clicks, congrats on winning giveaway.

  4. Thank you Radha, Maha and Swathi!


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