Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sweet, Savoury and bitter-sweet too....

Sweet Gourmet Cupcakes from our favourite Two Sweet.
Clockwise from the top right-hand corner:
Red Velvet
Choclate Stripes
Banana Cream
Caramel Apple

A month away from blogging. A foothold back into one's field; back into academia and  still settling in to the new routine...

Change in Cooking routine:
 A batch of butter-milk based curries:
Weekend Cooking and Storing!

The Round containers:
Amarakka Moru curry/ Amaranth Buttermilk Curry

Rectangle Containers: top to bottom
Mathan Moru Curry/ Pumpkin Buttermilk Curry
Olan/ Cowpeas and Pumkin Stew in Coconut Milk
Kashmiri Rajma Curry

The smaller round containers:
Spicy Parwal/ Pointed Gourd in a simple spice curry

A couple of spicy-masaledaar curries for a shameless recipe swap!
Perhaps a batch of Parippu Vada/ Dal Vada and Cutlets on a weekend.


  1. I have never seen these kind of lovly cupcakes here around...looks so tempting....

  2. Thanks!
    They were really good; not a fan of cooked apples but these were really something.
    I have written about them earlier. Let me put it up in the post.

  3. Beautiful looking cupcakes..very tempting..

  4. Lovely cup cakes.
    Was wondering about your absence from blogo sphere.

  5. Awesome cupcakes! I'd love to have a bite of chocolate stripes and caramel apple... Yummm.

  6. Thankyou Silence Sings, Priya, Chitra and Rachana!
    An opportunity came through on very short notice and completely changed everything; and it has been bitter-weet in the sense that I miss blogging and going through my favourite bloggers.
    Just got space for a breather and went out after more than a month for a treat.

  7. weekend cooking and storing goes for me too on heavy working days..and those cupcakes looks adorable!

  8. Thanks Ananda!
    It wonderful to be back in your field but blogging will have to wait until things settle down!

  9. Very very beautiful cupcakes...Your pics are so good..


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