Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Black & White Wednesdays # 158 Gallery

My thanks to Cinzia of CindyStar who currently administers  one of my favourite events online, the  Black and White Wednesdays. Created by the very talented Susan, The Well Seasoned CookTiffin Carrier Antic/que's! hosted the BWW #158 event. Here are the lovely vignettes captured in the timeless shades of black and white.

Black and White Wednesday # 158

Three sets of Orange Pekoe Tea
 Lata Raja, the immensely talented lady behind Flavours and Tastes sends in the of three sets of Orange Pekoe Tea.

Painted Pony Beans

Simona, the peripatetic food story teller at Briciole  sends in the above entry of beautiful, sinuous Pony Beans.

Cardmon Orange Spiced Coffee Syrup
Walnut Coffee Kisses

Lynne from that elegant space Cafe Lynnylu sends  in Coffee & Cookies.

Vintage Mini Epicerie

Vintage Stove Kitchen Toy
 Cinzia, who  has enabled the continuation of this event and presently administers the bi-weekly, Black and White Wednesday  has sent in two delightful vignettes of a Vintage Epicerie & Vintage Toy Kitchen Stove.

Aparna from Stories from the Mahe Coast sends in this beautiful, Vintage Wooden Spice Box.

Tamarind Pods
Puli Inji/ Traditional Tamarind Chutney

My entries for this event,  a traditional recipe used in South Malabar feasts, Puli Inji/ Traditional Tamarind Chutney made with preserved tamarind pods.


  1. Lovely gallery! Thanks so much for hosting!

  2. The photos are all beautiful and the subjects varied and all interesting. Thank you for the gallery!

  3. Beautiful pictures... I m hoping to have a picture ready before next week.

    1. Thank you Sandhya. Lynne at would be hosting it. Please send your entry to her. Warm regards, S

  4. Thanks again for hosting, dear Shri, great gallery and super pictures!
    Love your tamarind pods, never seen them before :-)
    You're always welcome to host again whenever you like ;-)

    1. Thankyou Cinzia. Would be happy to host; let me email you.

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