Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Black and White Wednesdays: Swami Silver

Handle of a Silver Claret Jug-1890 from 
Indian Silver for the Raj exhibit at VMFA.
Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy S III. 
The Image bites back!
Photograph taken with Canon DSLR
Images from Colonial India. 
Stereotypes, craftsmanship and
blurred boundaries of who we are and who the others are.
A quick snapshot for you. More later. From the Indian Silver for the Raj exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. This goes to Susan's Black and White Wednesdays hosted this week by Chez Cayenne.


  1. Oh my what a beautiful one, though i am wondering how difficult it would be to shine it! I collected a few much worked silverware from my Egypt days and absolutely love the workmanship.
    And your posting it today when some of us are celebrating the gokul ashtami, this picture is so fitting to Balgopal taming Kalinga!

  2. Wow, looks awesome..Wat a marvellous handle na.

  3. Thankyou Lata! hope you had a wonderful festival day. Thankyou Priya and Swathi.
    Thankyou for visiting my space and your comments, PN Subramanian.

  4. Shri
    janmashtami greetings..Just got caught up with a tight work schedule.
    You are an amazing photographer:))


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