Saturday, June 30, 2012

CWS- Black Gram: The humble Idli

 A small sliver of white. 
Not a favourite during our childhood-preference always won over by its companion item, the Dosa.
Served with Sambhar

The quantity and ratio of the rice and black gram varies with the type of rice and method of grinding. The electric mixie [ mine is the old warhorse of Indian Kitchen's, the Sumeet ]
and the electric-stone grinder both yield a different quality of batter and this affects the end product.

Idli Rice/ Idly Rice: Whole Skinned Black Gram
  • For processing in the Mixie: 4: 2
  • For processing in the Grinder: 4: 1
The reason is that the Mixie 'cuts' the lentils/ black gram and hence will not allow the batter to 'rise' as  would grinding it between stones. So an extra measure of black gram in the Mixie-method will allow you softness in the idli.
This goes to Susan's Black and White Wednesdays # 39


4 Cups of Idly rice soaked for a minimum of 4-5 hours

2 Cups of Whole skinned urad dal: soaked overnight or for at least 4 hours.
Wash the rice  and black gram/urad dal separately, 
Soak  separately in plenty of water

In the Mixie
Grind black gram first. 
Add water carefully, little by little to grind it into a smooth batter

Grind rice.
Mix both batters together and pour it in a  deep container with enough space for fermentation and 'rising'.

Cover and keep in 'warm' place overnight or at least for 6 hours.

Batter should be slightly sour and should have 'risen'.
Check for salt.
Grease Idli-moulds with oil/coconut oil or gheeand pour batter into moulds.
Steam for 10 mts

Take off the heat, 
Sprinkle a little cool water over the idlis
Let sit for a couple of minutes
Gently un-mould with a spoon.
Serve with Chutney or Sambhar.
We had ours with Uzhunnu Vada
The recipe is submitted to CWS-June 2012: Black Gram event,  created by Priya and hosted here at Tiffin Carrier Anticque's. CWS-July: Red Kidney Beans is hosted here.
I will be posting the round-up in a couple of days. And, I have barely seconds before the clock turns to 12 and to July 1st.


  1. Lovely pictures. Interesting to know a grinder affects the final product. I use 3:2 ratio of rice n black gram to be ground in a mixie and get good fluffy idlies.

  2. Shri,

    This color of template looks really nice. I can read it very well.

    By the way Idly is not so favorite, partial to dosa. My ratio is 3:1 for both idly and dosa. Your idly is soft and spongy. Love it.

  3. That's such a varied presentation.I was enjoying peeping there..truly divine white idlis..makes me hungry..sweet memories..

  4. beautiful pictures and awesome recipe

  5. Beautiful photos! Sounds so good, too.


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