Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black and White Wednesday: For the Immortals

A week in London  with a day  in solitary wander around the British Museum. Sharing some vignettes...

Frozen in time and space....

Sculpture presumed to be that of Dionysos, God of Wine. Missing hands and Wine cup. From the Parthenon Collection at the British Museum

This was a lovely trip  and I got one day to spend at the Museum. There were many by association to history, to what one had read as a  child, the stories and adventures that remained in memories, some with strange associations covering time, space and one's that defied commonplace logic! :-) In that space of time, I chose to visit particular objects and galleries and then meandered into adjoining ones. 

What delectable libations brimmed in this ?

Egyptian Black Basalt Libation Bowl, About 625 BC, British Museum, London.

This goes to the Susan's Black and White Wednesday hosted  by  that lovely blogger, Brii.   Here is what I had from the Museum Cafe.


  1. Nice clicks. London is always fascinating city.

  2. Oh I miss London so terribly! Lovely shots. x

  3. It can take a whole year to go through the museum at leisure. Nice pictures.

  4. Ipek, it was my first visit to London and I loved it! True Radha!

  5. wow...absolutely great bw pics..;)
    thanks for sharing shri.
    Tasty Appetite

  6. I have never been to London, one day I really must go visit.
    beautiful photos Shiri, thanks for sharing with BWW.
    the round up is online:
    Take care

  7. Shiri, the round up is online:
    thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

  8. I haven't been to museum for a long time, at least my kids become toddlers (baby stage was okay)...and then I barely have a chance to go around and take a look at museums. I can't wait for my kids to get older and enjoy seeing some sculptures and enjoy together. Great photos!


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