Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vijaya Dashmi Greetings...

The jagged and the symmetrical...
The memories of Puja...
Pancha-amritham, sharkara payasam, fruits, milk,  and otta- appams.
The uneven edges of the coconut, an offering to Ganesha, reminding of the care that was taken to pluck out the fiber on the shell, select the perfect one, break it into two symmetrical halves with smooth edges.

The puja arranged with the order set by someone long gone.. old tin-framed  Ravi Varma calender prints in heirarchical order,  muted, faded old clay idols, the shine of newness on the plaster-of paris idols, rudraksha beads, glass bead-necklaces, tulsi-bead necklaces,  old bronze, the green of the banana leaves, spiky red and orange tecchi flowers-Ixora Indica, sugarcane sticks: peeled and cut evenly,  nei-ghee, butter, milk, jaggery, crystal sugar, ripe plantains, puffed rice-malar, panchamritham...

Mingling with the unique fragrance of the old and the new:  books, old palm leaf manuscripts, old writing implements...the fragrance of camphor, incense, sambrani, flowers and tulsi, old wood and oil and the scent of  old granaries and the attic upstairs.


  1. Happy Navarathri greetings to you and your family.

  2. Thankyou Chitra!
    Wish you and your loved ones joy and good tidings too.

  3. Happy vijayadashmi to u and ur family..

  4. Dear Q
    How are you?
    Bijaya Dasami greetings to you too.
    The write up is so nice, I loved it ...and the photography is superb , as usual , it is you...
    Was bit tied up , let me see what all the postings that I have missed.

    Have a nice week

  5. Happy Vijayadashmi to you and ur family!

  6. Happy vijyadashmi to you and your family :-)

  7. Thankyou Ananda Rachana and Ushnishda!
    Greetings to you too!
    We miss the celeberations and sensorial delight that the puja gave; it was silence since we did not chant/read or do anything until Dashmi...only neivedyam, doled out in neat green sqaures: a little of this, a little of that...


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