Saturday, July 10, 2010

Simple Celebrations...

Simple Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Beets, finger hot thai green chillies and seedless black grapes [ to mimic olives] with a simple dressing: olive oil, rice wine vinegar and garlic.

The last two weeks of summer heat kept cooking to light summer dishes but we also had friends over. So it was light dishes with a quick early morning cooking session for friends, dining out and a simple birthday lunch.
A glimpse...
Followed the  original  recipe but substituted Veri Masala for all the spices adding only turmeric, chilli powder and Kashmiri Chilli powder.
Also made this dish with tiny white eggplants which appeared at  one of the local Indian Groceries. Apparently it grows in Africa [they were not sure whether it was in Kenya or South Africa] during this season for about 2 months.  There was a profusion of fairly hard seeds inside. It held well to deep frying: with a deep crosswise slit, flowering up  and keeping its shape  in the curry.
Internet search was not very effective in eliciting more information. Friends took the leftover curry before any photo opportunity of the dish. Any information would be most welcome.

With leftovers from entertaining,  dining out as a dinner treat and summer fruits ripening, lunch was simple today.
A simple birthday lunch offering to the Lamp [ Banana leaves from the freezer, cracked  hence layered]: Rice, Cooked Dal, Fresh Mango Pickle, Ghee/Clarified Butter, Salt, Curd, Sugar


  1. Beautiful Pictures. Love the eggplant curry.. Very inviting.

  2. The salad looks lovely and so delicate and sweet !!!

  3. Your photographs are awesome....

  4. Thankyou Radhika, Priya and Chitra!

  5. Salad looks very refreshing, love red radish in salads especially for their crunchiness, excellent clicks..

  6. The colors are so enthralling!Bookmarked the choaq wangun!

  7. Choaq Wangun looks perfect. Nice composition of lights and shadows... Well done!


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