Monday, May 3, 2010

Last week's ramble!:-)

Not a huge fan of cupcakes but these have the power to convert! :-)

 Debra's Too Sweet Cupcake Boutique is a gem in a suburban residential locality. The classic Banana Cream an instant favourite. The other one was Baker's Whim: Cranberry Orange and equally good!

A weekend ramble was to Shahi Kitchen, recommended by our tireless friend G,  who is never satisfied with the Indian/South Asian food found on the continent: Teek hai, ek Bengali touch hai! Previously a generic American spot convereted into a South Asian eatery with all the decor intact :-), their website carrying news from the subcontinent. Weekend buffet: their dessert , Sabudana Kheer was the best we had in years. Dal had that home-made flavour of garlic and cummin; other standard restaurant dishes better than average without heavy doses of cream and tomato paste/sauce!! A Bengali fish curry with flavours of mustard! The South Indian stuff in the buffet was not upto the mark!


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