Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sabrina's Cafe, Philadelphia

                     Sabrina's Cafe has good reviews on the web and it was near the Italian Market where we wanted to go; parked the car a few blocks away when we found space and walked to this place...
Lunch at Sabrina's, Italian Market, Philadelphia!
A short post with pictures....details later!
Authentic neighbourhood feel: cherry trees, aluminium tables with pastel chairs, opposite to an old vegetable produce store, a gourmet ravioli and pasta maker, neighbourhood children's voice's, customized embroidery shop, a school next door with a tarmac playground... a chef walking along with herbs in one hand and bag of fresh produce.. and an almost gentle pace in the hot afternoon...shade and comfort outside.

A Vegetarian Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with seitan as the substitute, slaw with granny smith apple slices  and sweet potato fries.
A first with this gluten, meat-substitute = seitan and  liked it! Would have preferred a more spicier take with our Indian palattes. Ordered sweet potato fries, alongwith the parmesan fries! Not a great fan of anything 'sweet potato' and liked the Parmesan Potato fries which had just the right sprinkle of cheese.

Parmesan fries served with their sandwiches
Tuscan Chicken Sandwich with Parmesan Fries! A winner with wonderful flavours of artichoke, peppers and tomatoes!
Among the two non-vegetarian items, this was our favourite!

Chicken Salad Sandwich: good flavours
Friendly servers with color and whimsy, tattoos, red streaks and in black. Everything melded well with the old neighbourhood and the casual charm of the place.Wonderful service! We loved your service but forgot to ask your name?!!


  1. nice delicious spreads and colourful sandwiches !!! all the plates look appetizing!!!

    nice description of the surroundings & it's a pity that I 'm miles away from this friendly restaurant with those tattooed friendly servers, hahaha

  2. I loved the place. Food looks fresh and yummy! I so love family owned cafe's...ingredients are always fresh and organic.

  3. seems like a lovely place...and food looks yummy as well

  4. Thanks Vinolia and Preeti! :-)
    It did feel authentic and comfortable for whimsy and the staid! :-D
    We were served by 3: 2 ladies and one gentleman, all heavily tatooed and easygoing service!

  5. Hey
    New to your blog.very very unique dishes.I am gonna follow you.

  6. Iam sure you had a good time. Nice photos there.

  7. We visit Phili very often, I will keep this place in mind during our next visit.

  8. Thanks Subhashini, Chitra!
    It is well worth the visit Radhika! Their brunch specials are supposed to be really popular on weekends. Wanted to take pictures of the indoors with the bakery-equipment-chandelier's but am still embarrassed to be obvious about


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