Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Classic White Bread

Catching the last rays of the setting sun yesterday...

Classic White Bread
Recipe: Williams and Sonoma 1 Pound Loaf Pan cover.

The recipe  for Classic White Bread in the WS website is not the same as given for the Loaf Pan. 

 Reviews on the WS website have a couple of recent complaints about the pan rusting. The pan is 'folded' rather than stamped, allowing any liquid to seep in through the gap between the metal folds. And perhaps this allows for the complaints: when water/liquid seeps inside ?

No complaints yet...

Realized that moi  oven does not display the correct temperature  and my tiny, 10 year old oven-thermometer has also become suspect. The bread came out well enough...soft with a good grain but perhaps too soft to hold a slice well! So the countless monitoring, tweaking and checking was also a variable in the cooking process.

The recipe does not mention the kind of flour, so I used unbleached white flour and it gives the Stand-Mixer process, which looks easy but  allows for the variation in the amount of flour added to the dough.

Good, but not entirely satisfactory!


  1. classic white bread looks so perfectly done,just like the one which i bring it from outside...must be yum,nothing better than a home made one...

  2. wow this looks scrumptious.

  3. Looks spongy and awesome. great job

  4. Dear Q
    I dont like breads but, your photograph and prsentation is so good, I feel like eating

    have a nice day


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