Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cooking With Seeds: August 2013 Event Announcement : Cumin

I am happy to announce that TiffinCarrier Antic/que's will be hosting  this month's Cooking With Seeds event. It has been a year plus since TiffinCarrier Antic/que's hosted this event. Created by the very prolific and talented Priya, the ingredient for this month is Cuminum Cyminum - Cumin.

Cumin,  for people from the  subcontinent, is a 'warming' spice according to Ayurveda and an everyday staple in our spiceboxes. It easily navigates diverse recipes across the Indian subcontinent. Roasting, tempering, grinding and powdering the seed brings us flavours and memories reflecting, in many ways, our regional backgrounds. Of course, this spice is not confined to the subcontinent and has an equally diverse and delicious tradition in places like the Mediterrnean, the Americas, Middle East etc...

So, do blog your favourite recipes with the ingredient, Cumin. Here are the details for participating in this event: 
  1. Post any recipe using Cumin between August 1st and August 31, 2013. 
  2. Link your post to this announcement and to Priya's event announcement. This is mandatory.
  3. Use of the logo, above would be appreciated.
  4. Non-bloggers are welcome to participate. Please send the details to me along with a photograph not more than, 500 x 700 pixels
  5. Please send your recipe details to me, tiffincarrieranticques AT gmail DOTcom with the subject line CWS-August & following details:
  • Your Name :
  • Your Blog Name :
  • The Recipe Name :
  • The Recipe URL :
  • A photograph of your recipe, 500 x 700 pixels in size.
I will post the round-up during the first week of September.


  1. Happy hosting Shri, thanks for chosing cumins,love it..

  2. Your point no. 1 says black gram seeds but otherwise this seems a cumin seeds event?! Check, Shri!

    1. Yikes! The perils of blind 'copying'!!!! Thanks so much! :-)

  3. Nice event, keep rocking dear.

  4. I love using cumin in my cooking too. Beautiful photo!

  5. Aww this is such a great event I might just participate. Love the photo of the cumin.

    1. Thanks Shulie! Looking forward to the recipe! :-)


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