Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black and White Wednesdays # 93 : Peaches...

An annual favourite trip, westwards  to the mountains...Charlottesville and the nearby mountains have  been places growing local produce for many years. This year we chose to visit this place, one of the Century Farms designated by  Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It is a sister concern of another favourite orchard

Fuzzy Peaches!

However, this year, we could barely pluck peaches; they were either not ready or were already mushed with the rains. So we plucked a couple of them. Had our favourite Peach ice cream...
Divine Peach Cider Doughnuts: An annual indulgence!

Selected some which had been plucked and kept for sale in the barnhouse... Bought a dozen Peach Cider Doughnuts and were shocked that we were able to eat so many!!!!!
This goes to Black and White Wednesdays # 93 managed by the lovely Cinzia, created by The Well Seasoned Cook  and hosted this week by Satsuki.


  1. such beautiful clicks...seemed like a well thought ode to peaches. rally beautiful.

  2. Wow lovely snaps... The last snap unthought it is Vadai before reading ur caption... Lol... 😜...

  3. omg, stunning and very beautiful captures, love those doughnuts.

  4. Shri, hello! Lovely photos of that peach fuzz... waiting on Red Havens here in the north woods :) I've had apple cider donuts in New England -- a peach donut would be out of this world!

    best wishes!

    1. Dear Margaret, Thank you for dropping by! We had Apple Cider Doughnuts first and love them too!

  5. stunning clicks, could feel the fruity ripe peaches with those gorgeous snaps,have had peachy doughnuts,they taste divine :-)


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