Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spicy Cream Cheese and Cumin Dip

I make this recipe with yogurt or hung curd and sometimes with a mix of the two.  Today it is cream cheese.
Ingredients are added and  omitted according to the availability.
Cumin alongwith one 'hot' spice' is the consistent one.
The flavours always go well with chips or vegetables and as a sandwich spread.
Hope this gets added to your savoury chip and dip repertoire!
1 8 oz /226 gms packet of softened Cream Cheese
2 tbsps of finely chopped red onions
1/2 cup of finely chopped mix of yellow/orange bell peppers
3 finger hot green chillies/ or according to preference
1/4 tsp cumin seeds, lightly roasted
Two pinches of red pepper flakes [optional]
Soften the cream cheese
Add the finely chopped bell peppers, onions and green chillies, 
Mix Well
Add two pinches of the lightly roasted  and crushed cumin seeds
Add the red chilli flakes [optional]
Season with salt
Serve with chips.
This goes to SYF & HWS-Cumin Seeds Event started by Anu.
It also goes to Lyndsey's Sweet Heat Bloggers Challenge for the Game Food event. It is also linked to Priya's The Big Chutney Chowdown event.


  1. wow...this sounds amazingly delicious...excellent cliks..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. I love such dips and spreads. Either with hung curd or cream cheese. Lovely pictures Shri.

  3. This is so goooooood...who doesn't like cream cheese...and btw, dslr is doing good work i can see :)

  4. Dear Shri
    How are you? Very nice dip. I like it. What is the specification, " Finger hot"? sounds interesting..ha ha
    have a nice week

  5. Awesome Recipe


  6. Just looking at this makes me drool - I am totally making this the next time I buy cream cheese - do link to my chutney/dip event shri

  7. Awesome dip. Great clicks. Happy to follow u

  8. Thankyou! Ushnishda, maybe I should change it into just 'hot'! :-D
    Now Serving, thankyou! Let me update it and link it.
    Thankyou Anu!:-)

  9. Love cream cheese dips. Used to make one by mixing with hot salsa. Now only if it would go easy on my waist I would have it more often. :-)

  10. love the pics. makes me drool. i will definitely try this.
    and i got the right chilli for it!

  11. Hi Shri, first time here, the dip looks delicious, so does your blog, one happy follower, do stop by my space sometime..

  12. Creamy and delicious dip,love the flavor added..tempting clicks.

  13. Wonderful recipe with cream cheese and nice presentation :) Loved those clicks as well..
    Thanks Shri for ur visit n comment at my space which lead me to this beautiful blog of urs.
    I'm ur happy follower now and would love to see u in my friends list soon :) Happy Blogging!!!

  14. I really like your blog!! It´s very nice and cute.
    All the recipes and post, are both very interesting :D
    I´m your new follower!
    I invite you to visit my blog, I hope you like it.
    xoxoxo from Spain

  15. Thankyou Suja, Prathibha and Jana! :-)

  16. Looks so creamy n yummy cheese dip, wonderful presentation.

  17. Love all cream cheese dips,sweet or savory :-) love that green background :-)

  18. Really drooling over this dip - Please do link to my Chutney Chow down event, Shri -perfect addition to the collection :)


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