Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monsoon melange of fruits

Jamun -Syzygium Cumini
Banjara Jamun Seller

Jamun Sellers abound in the city streets  and market places. Most of the women vendors set up their fare in baskets, charging Rs. 20/- for a 'pav'=250 gms. Others display them in elaborate, coloured foil covered baskets, lined in push-carts.Washed, sprinkled with a little salt and shaken gently, these are divine.

Mangoes at the local weekly market.
Chickoos: Prices  increasing with size: sweet, caramel heaven!
Not your average juice counter. This enterprising lady, has her juice-press tagged onto a topless autorickshaw!!!
Fresh Sugarcane juice with a dash of lemon.
Home, after flight delays, re-scheduling and unnecessary stress.
Happy to come back to the blog; travel, erratic electricity and connectivity might make this patchy but still exciting.


  1. Loved the last click a lot we dont get any of the other fruits in the pictures here other than mango miss them so much.I used to hand pick those jamuns and sapota in India and eat them.

  2. omg !!! it has been ages (almost 15 or so years) since I have had jamuns. They were/are hands down my favorite monsoon fruit :)

  3. Lovely pictures...I love sugarcane juice with some lemon n ginger.

  4. Omg, seriously am missing those jamuns n chickoos, havent had since a long..

    Topless autorickshaw juice counter looks soo cute..

  5. lovely pics...i missing all those things..

  6. very beautifully captures i didn't know that first fruit was called Jamun, its really been years i have that fruit...i miss this scenario here, and that autorickshaw brilliant and innovative and lol for the elephant capture, indeed that how we relate on living on earth together, showing few of other characters :)

  7. Thanks everyone! Thankyou Ananda; really missed reading news in print!:-)


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