Friday, March 25, 2011

Sundal: Chickpeas and Apple Salad

This is another version of Sundal with tart, granny smith apples   in lieu of green mangoes. Again,  a slight deviation from the traditional version as in the previous recipe, Black Chickpeas Salad. The heat comes from hot green chillies, a sprinkle of black pepper powder and a touch of grated ginger. The crunch comes from the coconut slivers and the tart-sweet touch from the granny smith apple. This goes to the Weekend Herb Blogging # 276 started by Kalyn, continued by Haalo of Cook Almost Anything  and hosted this week by Cinzia of  Cindystar.
1 Cup of chickpeas
1/2 of a Granny Smith Apple
2 hot green chillies [ or according to preference],
1/4 Cup of fine chopped fresh coconut bits
1/4 cup fresh grated coconut [optional]
or 2 tbsps dessicated coconut
1/4 tsp finely grated ginger
Pinch of turmeric powder [optional]
1/4 tsp black pepper powder
Tempering ingredients
3/4  tsp of cummin seeds
1 tbsp urad dal seeds
1 broken red chillies
 3-4 curry leaves
Pinch of Asafoetida powder
2 tbps lime juice
Soak the white chickpeas overnight/ 8 hours in plenty of water
Cook with salt, drain and keep aside.

Heat 2 tbsps of vegetable oil
Temper the cummin seeds, urad dal seeds, dried red chilli, and the curry leaves, followed by asafoetida powder.
Add the cooked chickpeas and the grated ginger,
Saute for a few minutes,
Sprinkle the black pepper,
Switch off the heat.
Add the chopped coconut and toss well
Add finely diced tart granny smith apples
Add the lime juice and mix well
Garnish with slivers of apples.


  1. This sounds great! Never would have thought to combine chickpeas and apples together! What a great idea!

  2. Wow that's soo fantastic...yummy!

  3. I love the sound of this with the apples and green chiles! Such wonderful flavors!

  4. Garnishing and presentation best and best...

  5. It should be great with green apples ..
    Pictures look lovely..

  6. Interesting combination.. Looks very delicious.. Thanks for the recipe :)

    Indian Cuisine

  7. Definitely very brilliant idea of adding apples to the usual chickpeas sundal,wonderful snack to munch without any guilt..

  8. nice interesting combo dear...
    looks healthy and delicious.
    Pass me a bowl :)

  9. Lady you know how to present you drag people here, stunning! Liking the addition of apples in there, sounds very special!

  10. Chickpeas and apple makes salad yummy.

  11. Thankyou! The granny smith works well with the tart flavours and goes with the green chillies and cummin .
    Thanks Ananda!:-D

  12. Chick peas and Apple bits! lovely combo!!

  13. Love that flavorful chat....very yum and healthy too....

  14. thanks for this lovely recipe and sorry for the incovenient, but never got your email :-(
    everything is ok now, and your recipe included in the recap.
    have a nice week!

  15. Thanks Bharathy, Kitchen Flavours. Thankyou Cinzia! I knew the email was the culprit!

  16. Perfect sundal...looks and sounds yum, fulfilling snack.

  17. I love sundal and loved the twist you gave with apples :-)and loving the flavors in there too

  18. Que ça doit être bon.
    Des images très gourmandes.
    C'est délicieux.
    Bon week-end et à très bientôt.

  19. this looks so wonderful! Sorry for not stopping by for sometime now. But guess what? I have a darn good reason.....we are expecting our lil one this year and I am getting constant migraines due to my hormone changes and that is keeping me off bright light (like computers), but I am sure you will understand. :) I have quite a few pages of yummies to catch up.

  20. Love sundal and the addtion of apples sounds wonderful

  21. wow, I soooooooo want it, love your presentation.

    US Masala

  22. I think you didn't get my previous comment...

    Well,We are expecting our lil one this year and I was down these two months with terrible morning sickness. I am sure as time goes by I will feel better and post all my yummies again. Thanks for remembering me :)

  23. Hi Preeti, I did and responded to your email. I hope you feel much better in the coming months! Wishing you both a joyful time ahead.
    Take care.

  24. Thanks...just read your email. Thanks again for being so thoughtful :)

  25. Yummy salad... love the ingredient combination!

  26. wow.. such varied flavors.. definitely an excellent blend.. pictures are so perfect..

    new to ur space n happy to follow u for more wonderful creations..
    do visit me when u get time ..

  27. Like the addition of apples in the chickpea salad. Yumm!

  28. Shri, were you the one who agreed to host Veggie/Fruit A Month for September 2011? Please confirm, as I have lost that comment/email and I am now wondering which Shri it is. Sorry about it.

  29. (?): In regards to the tote, You get the handles at any craft store like hobby lobby etc.,


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