Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving colors...and a Cheesecake

Cranberries, Meyer Lemons, Maple leaves, candles, mini pumpkins, wooden platters, tribal stole from North-east India over a Ikat spread from Orissa.

A little delay in posting. Balking at first, due the tendency to acquire  more 'stuff ' to 'celebrate' holidays here, while unable to celebrate the ones we grew up with...we have gradually  come to a day of cooking, watching a movie  or playing a favourite board game.

It started off with the smallest cornish hen one could find... and this year graduated to a roast chicken with garlic, black pepper, meyer lemon juice and zest and a Riccotta Cheesecake. The major portion of the chicken was packed off to the freezer: for panini's, sandwich's and puffs  but the Cheesecake could barely survive for the photographs.

Pressed for time between grading and tests, this recipe from the Joy of Baking turned our perfect! The changes: A mix of  vanilla, orange zest and meyer lemon zest with finely ground cardamom for flavouring. The cran raspberry sauce was spiced up with ginger and brown sugar.


  1. Dear Q
    How are you? Your comment at my blog was great. If you had not given the translation, I would have continued to assume that you were a Bong..I dont know why this impression got into my mind.
    Doesnt matter, long long back, one of my learned mallu friends, had given reasons , why Malu and Bongs have lot of similarity even if they are geographically way apart. Very interesting logic..some day I will write few lines on this.

    I like this posting, the photographs and color and also the almost vanished cheese cake...ha ha

    Have a nice week ahead.

  2. Great pics ...very lively and vibrant .

  3. Thanks Ushnishda and Sangeeta!
    Waiting for the article on Bongs and Mallu's! :-D

  4. Fabulous clicks, that cheesecake tempts me a lot..

  5. Beautiful photos. Love them a lot.

  6. Cheese cake is awesome love the pic of maple leave and pumpkin :)


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