Saturday, July 24, 2010

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Our Lunch: Fresh red cherry tomatoes from the farmer's market, first Yellow Pear Tomatoes  and basil from our garden, garlic,  Black Pepper from home, grated Parmesan cheese  and olive oil with salt.
An Olive Oil-basil-parmesan-garlic dip, and a  fresh baked foccacia from the local bakery.

A break in between our light buttermilk based curries and rice, yogurt salads was good. With  the ferrying around for summer classes and the heat, it has been leftovers, fruits, drinks, fruits, leftovers and a batch of vegetable cutlets acommpanying everything from rice to breads and tacos! Have been meaning to make this for sometime ; just waited for the yellow pear's to ripen.

There are several recipes for Roasted Cherry or Grape Tomatoes. The basic one: drizzles the cherry tomatoes in olive oil, with a seasoning of salt and cracked black pepper. Bake it in an oven  on 375F for 20-30 minutes. I have also used garlic  cloves  in this recipe.


  1. this is a beautifull idea to use roasted cherry tomatos drizzled in olive with sounds yummy..and i will give it a shot


  2. Dear Q
    I loved reading this posting and the snaps are very nice.
    Have a nice week ahead

  3. Yummilicious...Photos are great.

  4. Woww cute looking roasted cherry tomatoes...awesome!

  5. Thank you everyone! Next time I would use red chilli flakes to season this.

  6. These look so lovely! I am actually drooling for thesE!


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