Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Ramble: Daily Grind and Extreme Pizza

We have never been to this place  and decided to pop in after a few hours in the sun, late evening at The Daily Grind. And we loved the place, the service and the ambience!
Window shopping....
A nod to our youngster and we ordered Coffee Toffee Blendz...
Marinated Chicken with pesto mayo sauce on foccacia bread. Loved it!
Warm fresh baked feel with perfect chicken and right amount of pesto-mayo.
Mango Gelatto

Take out from Extreme Pizza
Poultry Giest and flavourful aromas
Pizza by slice: Tomatoes , Basil and Cheese...


  1. Yummyilicious dishes, hope u had a great time there...

  2. Mmmm, nice yummy treats you've enjoyed during this weekend :) nice name for that pizza "Poultry" Giest, I laughed out loud , hahahah!!!

  3. Thanks Vinolia! That Poultrygeist had a killer aroma! :-D


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