Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rice for our souls

The Malayalam Calendar brings together celebrations 
for our living and rituals for our ancestors.

This 'payasam' did not follow a particular measurement for the rice, jaggery, coconuts and clarified butter.
The traditional spices:
A touch of dried ginger
A touch of ground cumin
Palm Sugar Jaggery
Grated Coconut
Clarified Butter
and above all,
Raw rice. 
For all the celebrations across the oceans these past two months. 


  1. Where can I find a recipe for this? In what name? I thought the matta rice sold was parboiled. As I live outside Kerala, I guess I should enquire about raw matta rice?

    1. Yes there is raw rice which is used for the traditional payasams made with jaggery & rice. One can use both matta or the regular raw rice. Will post the recipe next. The traditional measurements are always " samam -samam" equal weight measures of rice, jaggery and clarified butter/ nei/ ghee.


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